Game of Streams: How to tame & get the most from your messaging platforms

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Most mission-critical systems have distributed elements or are entirely distributed, resulting in several challenges: performance, scalability, reliability, resilience...the eight fallacies of distributed computing are alive and well!

Messaging platforms are often used to solve these problems and increase the "ilities", but they don't come without a few complexities of their own. Come to this session to learn not only how to use open source solutions like Spring Cloud Stream, RabbitMQ, & Apache Kafka to maximize your distributed systems' capabilities while minimizing complexity...but also how to use them! There be dragons when dealing with messaging platforms; the presenter will show you several ways to tame and harness them for maximum fire, maximum altitude. All examples will be coded live & in real-time!

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Отличный доклад от автора Spring Framework о существующих платформах обмена сообщениями и Spring Cloud API, позволяющем единообразно взаимодействовать с ними.

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Mark Heckler

Mark Heckler is a Spring Developer Advocate and a Software Developer at VMware, conference speaker, published author, & Java Champion focusing upon developing innovative production-ready software at velocity for the Cloud. He has worked with key players in the manufacturing, retail, medical, scientific, telecom, and financial industries and various public sector organizations to develop and deliver critical capabilities on time and on budget. Mark is an open source contributor and author/curator of a developer-focused blog and an occasionally interesting Twitter account (@mkheck).

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Со-лидер болгарской Java User Group, Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker. Помимо работы над Project Helidon, читает лекции на конференциях. Организатор конференции — крупнейшей Java-конференции на Балканах. В перечень основных интересов входят динамические языки на JVM, Java Enterprise, MicroProfile, а также вся Spring-инфраструктура. Увлекается всяческими экспериментальными Java-проектами, а также GPU-программированием.