Interview and Q&A with Aleksey Shipilev

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This is a live Q&A session where Aleksey will answer as many of your questions as possible in the hour.


Aleksey Shipilev
Red Hat

Aleksey is working on Java performance for 10+ years. Today he is employed by Red Hat, where he does OpenJDK development and performance work. Aleksey develops and maintains a number of OpenJDK subprojects, including JMH, JOL, and JCStress. He is also an active participant in expert groups and communities dealing with performance and concurrency. Prior joining Red Hat, Aleksey was working on Apache Harmony at Intel, then moved to Sun Microsystems, which was later consumed by Oracle.

Invited Experts

Alexey Fyodorov
JUG Ru Group

Producer @ JUG Ru Group, organizes the largest conferences for developers in Russia. In the last 6 years Alexey's team arranged more than 50 conferences. Alexey has a very different background: from Software Engineer @ Oracle (JCK, Java Platform Group) to DevRel @ Odnoklassiniki.

Ivan Krylov

Ivan Krylov is a JVM developer for the last 15 years. Ivan specialises in JIT compiler infrastructure and AOT compilation.