How we write Space on Kotlin

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This talk is about how JetBrains used Kotlin to write the Space platform. From this session, you will learn how they used Kotlin on the server and various clients, how reused code, which libraries were used.

The talk will be interesting to those who have a client-server project in their plans and who choose technologies. In addition, the talk may be of interest to people who are passionate about Kotlin, may have heard about, and want to know how widely it can be applied.


Akif Abasov
Akif Abasov

Graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute with a degree in applied mathematics. In JetBrains he works with frontend. Before JetBrains, he worked at 1C on a web client for the platform at the same time.

Invited Experts

Vladimir Sitnikov

Vladimir has been working on performance and scalability of NetCracker platform (a software used by telecom operators for automatization of network management processes and network equipment) for ten years. His focus is Java and Oracle Database performance optimisations. Vladimir is an author of more than a dozen of performance improvements in the official PostgreSQL JDBC driver.