assert! thou comprehensive word...

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A lot of us heard about arrange-act-assert. And about single assert too. The letter "M" means the ease of maintenance, and the letter "U" means ease of understanding the results.

The test can fall for different reasons (CI has a different environment, more tests are running, more workload, etc.) but the question "why did it fall" still holds.

In this talk, we will look at how modern tools (JUnit 4/5, Spok, Power Assert, Truth) allow you to write tests so that their crash is easier to analyze and the tests themselves are easier to maintain.


Vladimir Sitnikov

Vladimir has been working on performance and scalability of NetCracker platform (a software used by telecom operators for automatization of network management processes and network equipment) for ten years. His focus is Java and Oracle Database performance optimisations. Vladimir is an author of more than a dozen of performance improvements in the official PostgreSQL JDBC driver.

Invited Experts

Yuri Artamonov

For the last 10 years Yuriy have been developing libraries, frameworks and tools for developers. As part of his academic activities, he mentored applied math students from the Samara University.

Now he works in IntelliJ IDEA team trying to improve lives of developers using various tools. Author of the Selenium UI Testing plugin and maintainer of the Gauge for IntelliJ IDEA support.

Anton Arhipov

Anton is a Developer Advocate at JetBrains in the Kotlin project and "Razbor poletov" podcast resident. Professional interests include programming languages, middleware, and developer tooling.